A good letter

A good letter

Communication | Judette Coward-Puglisi

February 5, 2009

  My friend who works in banking  and corporate communications tells me her department is on the lookout for a good writer;  someone who can deliver difficult  news in a tasteful manner.

Apparently good business  writers are hard to come by, so I figure  great pieces of writing need to be shared.

Read this and see what I mean. I thought  this letter  was an excellent piece of communications. Now, granted the news was  good, a hefty discount was being offered to conference attendees, still  I think it communicated a deep sensitivity about the current economic climate and how the company was adjusting prices (in favour of the consumer) to suit.

I particularly like the last line written by the communicator: "Believe me, these are not easy measures for a small company to take. But Commuinteligence is please to provide these discounts to all affected by a complex and difficult economy….We welcome your thoughts  and ideas because all of us are smarter than one of us."

I sent my friend the link to the letter, I figure until they find the best person to fill the gap, she’ll be doing most of the ‘tasteful’ writing. I encouraged her to customise it for her own situation. I encourage you to do the same.