Along comes foursquare

Along comes foursquare

Social Media | Judette Coward-Puglisi

March 31, 2010




Just when you’ve finally figured out Twitter and thought that Facebook isn’t so bad  now that they’ve taken care of those pesky privacy issues. 


Along comes Foursquare, another social platform which pundits are calling the darling of the social media world.


Essentially foursquare (according to Wikipedia)  is a web and mobile application that allows registered users to connect with friends and update their location. Points are awarded on weekends and non-business hours for "checking in" at venues. Users can choose to have their Twitter and/or their Facebook accounts updated when they check in.  


Translation? Your friends can figure where you are. You in turn can  figure out where they are.  Some  of its super cool feature includes opportunities to  collect  points, prize "badges," and eventually, coupons, for going about your everyday business. It’s appeal lies in going out and posting unusual palces.


Before you roll your eyes and think how on earth do you keep up, know that foursqure is definitely one to watch. Mashable released some pretty impressive numbers for the NY based company  and Business Week has called it the hottest internet company around.


Not bad for a firm that’s just one year old.


According to Mashable: “Just 12 days ago, Foursquare grew by nearly 100,000 users in 10 days, taking its total number of users to somewhere north of 600,000. Now a new update from the company reveals that Foursquare has almost 725,000 users. That’s somewhere around 100,000 new users in two weeks.” 


For a tutorial on how to get started click here.


I started my own foursquare profile only yesterday. Confession: I am already hooked.