Big companies are dead

Big companies are dead

Entrepreneurship | Judette Coward-Puglisi

January 19, 2009

 So the New Economy has crashed. And in its place is something yet to emerge. Whatever its form, I believe our village will  be governed now by tighter regulation,  fewer free rides via the stock market, less fat cats  and  leaner, trimmer organisations.

It is in the latter that I have the most faith. Technology, a mobile culture and  outsourcing  has mandated that the best organisations  are agile. Flexible. Fast. Responsive.

No one said big. Big companies are dead. They are no more or less  profitable than little ones. Forget job security too, just ask the thousands placed on the breadline at GM or Goldman Sachs and the hundreds here at home at HCL how fleeting it all is. 

 In a time of rapid change,  global convulsions and financial bailout   the best organizations are small and fast, and the people who run them have a chance to make an impact that will last.