Bloggers are Media too

Bloggers are Media too

Social Media | Judette Coward-Puglisi

October 23, 2008

Caption: Afro Cic and Saucy Wow, social media bloggers at Brian Mc Farlane*s Africa, band launch

I once asked an event organiser if I could attend his regional conference as a blogger; his response was to tell me that the cost was US$125.00.

I am not quite sure if bloggers get the respect  they deserve as new media professionals. Maybe it’s the newness of the medium, maybe, event organisers are not Web 2.0 savvy enough to know how to integrate new media coverage into more traditional elements of their press roll-out. Traditional media can sometimes be soooo yesterday.

As a media strategist, I make it a point to know which bloggers are covering which industries and those bloggers are integrated into our media list for pitch letters and press releases.

When artist Carlisle Hinkson had his exhibition at Queen’s Hall earlier this year, we sent invitations to art bloggers and two weekends ago, for the launch of mas maker Brain Mc Farlane’s Africa, we invited 2 of the leading Carnival bloggers to the event: Saucy Wow and Afro Chic. The coverage from them was excellent.

Event organisers need to be in tune with the net- connected world. 

The Internet has turned  a whole heap of folks with the right skills into citizen journalists with their own massive following and it’s about time event organisers got up to speed.