Business Unusual

Business Unusual

Entrepreneurship | Judette Coward-Puglisi

December 9, 2008


 " Ask me if I feel confident, I’ll tell you yes!" 

This week we packed our boxes and moved our office downtown, to a beautiful swanky, old colonial building complete with manicured lawns and customised painted walls. 


Sounds deserving of a soon to be 10-year old PR firm that has carved its name, won significant  accounts and no longer has to knock down doors to be heard. In fact it should be a glorious moment except   for this tiny thing called global recession that has me  wondering if the hard times will show up at my door as quickly as a champagne hangover.


 I admit this may not have been the most opportune time to make my move. A banker advised against it. "Don’t incur more costs," he said sagely, noting that my rental charges would double and of course there were those gardening fees. But I had been planning this move for more than  6 months.  We had identified this building not because of its old beautiful feel but because there was  a large room which we felt  could  hold a communications and media training  centre.  We had also costed out the move to its last penny.


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  1. Congratulations on your move and well said as usual, we do have the advantage as small operators with high end customer service output…
    With good sense and rational decsion making you will definitely be able to
    keep your company afloat and grow even on the edge of an unfloding global recession…

  2. Judette, I believe you can succeed in times of hardship once you work smart. But what’s your advice for someone thinking of starting a business in the next year.

  3. Hey Judette, Congrats on your move! I too am re-focussing and re-strategizing because of all the ‘gloom and doom’ but I’m also confident about some things, and ignoring 😮 some of the advice. Laura, the recession also provides opportunities for some businesses (as do war and other hard times) so if your product or service is relevant and can adapt next year might still be an ok time to start. If your business will depend on people having lots of disposable income maybe not. BTW where did you to move to Judette?

  4. you will make it Judette…remember to pray…congrats on this next stage of ur life…can u upload a pic so we can maco d new location? 😉 take care

  5. I agree with Les, Laura.

    The same banker advised me "that tomorrow will not be better than today" so one has to base new business ideas on realities and not possibilities.
    I would ask: does my new business have real contracts and clients? Is the industry in which I am going into contracting? Is the service/product offering relevant to recessionary times? Are my customers going to be hard hit by the difficult times because if yes, it may affect their ability to pay.

    Let the answers be the guide Laura. It’s clear focused analysis and sharp instinct, after all Google was birthed in the dot. com bust.

  6. We will Oneika. And Les we are on the corner of deere and melville lane. Still in the throes of getting settled but please drop by if you can.

  7. CONGRATULATIONS! Remember “It is your attitude, not your aptitude, that determines your altitude.” (Zig Ziglar)….obviously a well thought out decision and only the first step to finally meeting your ‘vision’. All the best!!

  8. Congratulations Judett! You know my thing..prayer can accomplishe all things. God is bigger than you, me and the economy. With Him ALL is possible. So I stand behind you and believe that He will make it a success!

  9. The power of faith is critical in life, moreso when things are difficult and one’s income depends on the opportunities pursued and created.
    I had forgotten that in my note. Thanks for the reminder

  10. Hey Girl…congrats – I know the rational part of you must have back and forth discussions in your head about if you’re doing the right thing……but if we knew what was coming in life….it wouldn’t be living right? In life we have to take risks…..its proper planning that allows up to adjust/adapt to the curve balls that comes our way – and it seems to me that yuh plan!!!! 🙂

    In our line of business – we’re always encouraging clients to go out on that limb…to take that risk….be bold…be different……sometimes we need to take our own advice 🙂

    Congrats again!!!

    PS – ah coming to check out the digs soon

  11. Judette

    Congrats on the move! And thank you for the postings. May not always send a note but they are always appreciated. Keep going girl!

  12. Congrats Judette! I’m going to keep on wishing you happiness and bigger things to come! You always have my support!

    I got this awesome article in my Inbox this week about what Les Wexner (founder of Limited Brands and retailing legend) thought was one of the traits that most successful entrepreneurs seem to have, he called it – “Courageous Optimism” which he defined as something that enables leaders to move forward with a new idea that breaks with the conventions about how people have done things in the past. He goes on to say tha the "…ability to do that is ultimately what separates those who build successful businesses that stand out and are unique from their copycat competitors."

    He also says that to develop and maintain it you need to have “Systems" in place that you can rely on. I thought it was really profound and with my business too we are re-strategising and selecting the priority projects for 2009, especially keeping in mind the economic downturn, we realise we can’t do everything we had planned. And we know that whilst couples who visit our website will keep on getting married, the type of weddings may change, which results in the type of vendors’ offerings they will want. All of which affect us!

    I guess it will be the same for communication services, your clients will always need to communicate but your strength will be to continue innovating and adjusting to their changing needs and budgets!

  13. Congratulations on the move, Judette….!

    And it’s really refreshing to hear your attitude going forward in 2009 (the year of the tuck in yuh belly …according to Patos)

    yeah, it’s gonna be rough, and the defeatist chicken little "the sky is falling! the sky is falling!" attitude is only gonna make it rougher…

    Glad to hear that’s not the case with you and your team…

    one question tho…(and i’m not naysaying here)…how do u recession proof ur business? (not looking for a clinical logistic breakdown, merely asking as a matter of feasibility).

    But anyhoo, ask ME if i believe that a can-do attitude and old-fashioned moxie are de rigueur for success in 2009, i’ll tell u hell yeah, take a look at Mango Media Caribbean!

    Best of, dear!

  14. Congrats lil sis!!! I have faith in you and confidence in your ability to grow your business regardless of any obstacles faced. Slow and steady wins the race and you’re definitely a winner.

    Lots of love,

    P.S. May the force be with you! 🙂

  15. congrats judette. i always knew you could do this and keep on fighting the good fight. with prayers and faith you can accomplish anything.

    and you have a marvelous team whom i know willl continue to help you build your business brick by brick.

    congrats, good luck and see you in our training session!

  16. Thanks much for all the sentiments.

    Simone I agree with you. Entrepreneurs have an in built courageous optimism that makes us spin difficult situations upside down, inside out until we get a fit that is in sync with our own business scenarios.

    It requires an awareness of the problem, laser like attention to the solution and an optimistic outlook that the fit will be a correct one. If not, we move on until we find the solution that fits

    Kyle by recession proofing I mean I have looked at all cost areas and have determined where to cut. I have created more revenue streams so the business remains diversified and not dependent on any one or two clients. I have asked suppliers to work with me with regard to billables, and I have sat with my accountant to determine the way forward. Doing these things alone have given me a greater amount of confidence, I feel as if I am preparing for the curve balls, as Attala mentioned, that may come my way

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