Discovering your passion at work

Discovering your passion at work

Entrepreneurship | Judette Coward-Puglisi

August 13, 2008


Hate your job? You’re not alone. Regardless of where you work, there are millions of vocationally joyless people slumming around in cubicles, pretending. They are people who don’t know their true calling.
Sure, a career that just pays the bills might help you gain a sense of power and status, but it probably won’t fulfill you. It is only when you know your calling , unearth what you’re passionate about and then synchronise it with your values will you find that you’re not just motivated by external benefits like money or a job title. Of course then you’ll ultimately stand a far better chance of being effective in your work and successful in your career.


5 thoughts on “Discovering your passion at work

  1. I can’t agree with you more Judette, but what happens when the ‘paycheck’ gets in the way of the ‘passion’? you have gone through the ‘know thyself’ stage and came out with understanding and passion galore, but you still have to pay the rent, so you take a time consuming job which eats into the time you wish you had to follow through on your passion. What then?

  2. Omega, you can always carve time for pursuing your passion. Is it difficult? Yes. Seemingly impossible? Sometimes.

    But I speak only from my experience. I worked as journalist and got to the station at 4:00 am to produce a morning programme, More often than not, I left the studio only after putting in a full 13-14 hours of work. At night I freelanced as a writer for magazines on my home computer and wrote a business plan for my PR firm. Okay not a business plan, they were more about my dream for owning a PR firm.

    So I disagree with you. Passion pushes aside all sorts of obstacles, including the perceived lack of of time.

  3. Omega I can understand where you’re coming from. We all know that some dreams require money, if not all. So, work for a while and save. If you’re lucky, you may even land a job in a field that you had a hidden passion for. Who knows?

    Judette, remember we were talking about this some time ago and you were amazed that I was considering working in a pensionable job that has early retirement so I can pay off my student loans. Everyone wants to have a job that they’re happy to go to every morning, night or anytime. But we don’t all know what our passions are. For some, it’s blatant. Others, like me need time to see what is glaringly recognizable.

    The thing is, I see passion at work as something that will work in more mature years. Discovering my passion is taking time. In fact, I’m passionate about so many things it’s difficult deciding which one I want to make a career out of. So what do I do in the meantime? I prefer to work hard, network, and save then see about my passion, whichever one I choose. If life works out so that I can work hard, network and save while exploring my passion at an early age, great! Either way, for me it’s all good because I know what my goals are.

  4. It seems everywhere I turn more and more people are having this discussion about passion at work; it was the topic of great debate in my business communications class recently and the main serving at my brother’s dinner party a few weeks ago. What I have found to be the common factor on both occasions is that people just don’t know what their passion is and once they discover what it is, it is either too late or too scary to change course so they settle for the next best thing.

    Now as individuals we all have our respective journeys to travel and choices to make so I cannot knock someone who chooses to ‘just settle’. What I have a serious problem with however is that in ‘the settling’ people forget to show up…they forget to matter. I have heard people say “If I did what I love then I would be passionate about my work”…but what about ones passion for life and passion for self. Irrespective of the reasons we work, we should be passionate about seeing it through and not just because we are being paid to (which ought to be enough as we are indeed providing a service) but because it is an opportunity to transform ourselves into a better person. It is an opportunity to stand out from the crowd.

    So for the ‘it’s just a job’ people out there who think that passion is reserved only for doing what you love…you are sadly mistaken. Someone told me years ago that there is no greatness if you have no passion to be great…and this I believe to be a lesson not just for work but for life.

  5. Passion, work, work, passion this truely is a debate that i have been having with my friends and also dealing with internally. I think that when we are kids, young and carefree we have so much dreams and ambitions be it simply to be a fireman, or maybe a doctor or a lawyer, my sister right now want’s to be a vet. But as we get older and start to work reality sinks in. You may not get into the career field that you want to be in initially and as you spend more time in this job that you hate with your dreams fading and seeming more unlikely to become a reality, you settle, you lose all hope and you go to work everyday thinking about what could have been.

    Although you may be the most productive person in you office, you hate what you do and are unhappy at work. I think that many people are afraid to persue there true dreams, what they are passionate about! Why? Because it may be something so farfeched or "unrealistic" to the world around you, but to you this is your passion, what you dream about at night, and think about all day, what makes you smile and make you happy. I think that the majority of persons are just going with the motions in their workplaces, they are afraid to persue their dreams, they lack that faith in themselves, well not me! I know what I am passionate about and I will persue my dreams until I like them out my way! I want to work in a job that I love so I won’t have to work a day in my life!

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