Do blogs suck?

Do blogs suck?

Social Media | Judette Coward-Puglisi

June 4, 2008

What was there not to like about Rob? In the five years that I have known him, I have admired him a lot. And while we have never met, each week for the past 5 years, 31-year old Rob, a digital engineer living in Florida, has blogged about business, finance and entrepreneurship


2 thoughts on “Do blogs suck?

  1. I agree with you Judette — blogs certainly DON’T suck. Like you — I have just a few that I really tap into on a regular basis — that make sense to me. The beauty about a blog is that — apart from being a free tool — and by virtue of being free tool — NORMAL people — who cannot afford websites, or who are intimidated by having an actual website and who have great ideas, information or photos to share are empowered to get their stuff out there and share it.

    Another really interesting thing about blogs — like yours for instance — is that your readers never know what you’re coming with from day to day. It’s always exciting to see “what next?…”

    Bloggers can also build quite a loyal following. My sister recently “retired” her blog. It was a really fantastic blog that was very interactive. I think she had it for about 4 years. When she announced that “this was it” for the blog, people were SO disappointed! This is something that they had become so accustomed to tapping into every day — from all over the world.

    I’m sure one can find a blog to suit almost any hobby, passion or profession and of course — if there isn’t one that suits you — you can always create your own — and really do anything with it — that will please you and a few or a million of loyal followers.

    I also think that one of the best things about a blog — is that it brings you closer to the people — who via their websites (like the CEO of a company for instance) seem so far away. Of course — the fact that one can participate in the blogs — via comments, is also quite neat.

    Thanks for yours. I’m enjoying it.

  2. Kathryn thanks so much for your comment and compliment.

    You mentioned that you too have a few key postings that you check in to. What are some of your favourite blogs?

    My number one blog has nothing to do with communications or PR. It’s one that is written by my Bajan college friend who now lives with her French-born husband in Paris. It’s called The reason why I love it so much is because, almost daily, Francine reminds me that life can be lived simply and beautifully. I pull it up every time my world gets out of control with schedules, meetings, decisions.

    Her blog, far from sucks. It saves.

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