Don’t try to con your customers

Don’t try to con your customers

Marketing | Judette Coward-Puglisi

November 25, 2008


 What the hell?!?!" 

In  my imagination though, when the waitress presented a TT $72.00 bill for a piece of bake and a portion of buljol,  I swear, I swear I uttered a stronger expletive. 

This happened at the hotel which I currently rent office space and what caused  my outrage was that the day before, at noon, I ordered the same meal and  it cost 1/3 of the price. At first I was confused.


One thought on “Don’t try to con your customers

  1. This situation is so funny, I can only imagine your reaction but I can very well predict my response to something like that and it would not have been
    Ok on a serious note i think we as customers allow business owners to CON us. The management of that hotel would not have embarked on such a pricing adventure if customers were not comfortable paying such an exorbitant price!
    You were right for refusing to pay for the meal..their pricing strategy is ridiculous…unless that meal could keep me filled for 2 more breakfast-es (lol) I am nottttttttt paying $75.00 for it!

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