Five things that will give you more time

Five things that will give you more time

Personal | Judette Coward-Puglisi

July 5, 2010




1) Get strategic about your time. First, ask yourself what you’d like to be doing during the hours you have each week. What activities could create happy memories for you and your family? How can you spend your hours nurturing your own soul – praying, reading, exercising. When you find the answers, act on them.


2) Log your hours, do this  at least for a week. Chances are you’ll find you have more than enough time in a day to take the dance class you’ve been talking about or  to meet up with friends.


3) If money is not an issue, then outsource. Yep, that applies to  housework too. 


4) At the office, don’t ever mistake things that look like work for actual work. 


5) If you hate commuting and the traffic,  ask your boss  for some days where you can  telecommute. Make sure you have a plan of  accountability before requesting to work some days from home,  it will help your case.