Government searches for top communicators

Government searches for top communicators

Communication | Judette Coward-Puglisi

April 25, 2008


In this frame from left to right: Minister of Information Neil Parsanlal, Judette Coward-Puglisi and Maria Mc Millan


When speaking to Neil Parsanlal, Government’s information minister at IABC’s communications measurement conference, I was surprised to learn that he communicates Government’s ambitious Vision 2020 plans with a staff of five, three of which includes a driver, a cleaner and an office assistant.

At the time of our conversation, the Minister, who is himself is a former business communicator, had just gotten approval from the Government to deepen his staff’s capacity and hire more strategic communicators. According to the Minister, he was on the look-out for the best and the brightest.

Over the last few months from the PM’s move into his new residence, the purchase of the jet and the dismissal of Rowley, it is clear that the PM does not seek counsel from his information ministry or Parsanlal himself. How else to explain the government’s and indeed the PM’s ineffective messaging on all three issues. Notice I haven’t even touched the communications on the smelter plant. That’s a whole other blog.