Hire For Attitude

Hire For Attitude

Public Relations | Judette Coward-Puglisi

August 4, 2008

Running a successful PR firm is damn hard. There are many things to handle. Clients. Billings. Deadlines. Projects. Cash flow. They all require a microscopic attention to detail. At Mango Media Caribbean, employees and associates all share one clear goal: we aim to delight our clients. I often say we are in the business of communications as much as we are in the business of service.

That means when I hire PR assistants and interns (I am not talking about our senior associates) I always look for the person who has the right attitude.

Here’s my logic. I can turn positive, passionate people into great PR assistants but turning good PR assistants with an attitude problem into charming servers of customers is close to impossible.
Ten years in the business has taught me that managers should hire for attitude and train for skill. Sure it is best to attract smart people; the one with the quality communications degree. But if forced to chose, as many of us are in the labour crunch, then go for attitude.


One thought on “Hire For Attitude

  1. I totally agree. I may not own my own firm yet, but when I do, attitude is so critical to performance. Persons who allow themselves to be like clay under the tutilage of a more experienced people always reap greater benefits.The ‘boffs’ may not seem so harsh and the rewards are always greatly appreciated, becasue the expirence is held in a much higher esteem than for someone who has the smarts but lacks the passion. People with the right attitude always see the glass
    half full and that’s the attitude anyone hiring staff would be drawn to.

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