Is laughter the best medicine for your speech?

Is laughter the best medicine for your speech?

Public Relations | Judette Coward-Puglisi

September 16, 2008


Caption: Philomena
I can’t wait to see Philomena give a speech. Oh, for those of you outside of the Caribbean, Philomena is the local doyenne of comedy; she dresses in drag as a cleaning lady and dishes dirt on everything from politics to the economy to relationships.  
But back to my point though. I would love to see Philomena deliver a key note address without the head-tie, the apron and the freakish makeup. Instead I’d put her behind a lectern, corporate suit and all and I’d bet  a million dollars, she’d  be good. Damn good really because right away she’d know that humour is one of the best techniques that a speechgiver can use  to connect with his /her audience.


One thought on “Is laughter the best medicine for your speech?

  1. I like some humor when listening to a speech because the obvious is that it grasps the attention of listeners and it holds it for as long as possible. I think she would do a great job indeed however do you think people will take her seriously? I was just wondering!

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