Isn’t it time we took control

Isn’t it time we took control

Personal | Judette Coward-Puglisi

November 17, 2009


In order to survive in this hyper-competitive  environment, we need a survival kit and we need to put it together now. Good times are not around the corner unless we look down a lot of blind alleys. 

Some ideas…

1) If you aren’t enjoying what you are doing-quit doing it. And quit immediately. Just listen to what Master investor Warren Buffet when he says," I always worry about people who say ‘I’m going to do this for ten years; I really don’t like it  much. And then I’ll do this…’ That’s like saving sex for old age."’

2) UBU. Got it? You be you. Successful people are successful because they are what they do and they do what they are. Why are we hanging on to the roles imposed upon us. If  we strip down to our personalities are we just  really mothers, fathers, managers, leaders, subordinates, africans, indians, europeans? I bet not.

3) We have to be absolutely clear about who we are, where we want to go, who we want to do business with, have a relationship with and so on. 

We are condemned to freedom and one life. Isn’t it time we took control. 


3 thoughts on “Isn’t it time we took control

  1. Re Idea # 1. My favourite adage has been – either love the work you are doing or find the work you love to do.

    People spend majority of the awake time at work and getting to/from work. If you do not love your work, how miserable would you be? It is not worth it. One would be better off spending all that time at something they enjoy and be happy.

    Thanks for sharing those thoughts.

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