It’s 2009. Do you know where your goals are?

It’s 2009. Do you know where your goals are?

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January 15, 2009

We, all of us, are writing the story of our lives.


Some of us work because we have to, the mundanity of paying  bills month to month and eking out a living  can take its toll.    Others do it because they yearn to create something better from their existence. They demand to know the raison d’etre for their work and they are hell bent on making it meaningful. They do so, not to control the end of their story but so that they can feel more purposeful, more substantive. The point is not to feel that time has been squandered and that when the  end comes, life would have had some meaning. 


As the New Year was fire worked in, the world seemed to fizzle out.  War in the Gaza strip, job losses and sinking economies made us dread. Still as the world spiralled around us, we felt it necessary to make goals, to create meaning. We made a compact with ourselves to work better, exercise more, pray deeper and connect more. Whatever we wished for as the clock struck midnight, the desire was that we would be  more purposeful in our pursuits.


Easier said than done.  Easier said than achieved in tough times.


I bear no psychology credentials but there is something I believe about hard times that can make you change the course of your life. Hard times force you to overcome the doubts that would normally give  you pause. It makes you unleash the inhibitions that previously held you back and makes you apply some reasoned planning to your life instead of fumbling along. I saw it last year. My friend, an accountant, struck out on her own after the senior partner, her employer, got ill. After  20  years  of making a salary that barely got her through, she  shook out the shingles, opened for business and old clients came knocking. Her take home pay quadrupled. This was not a singular case of overcoming fear, I have many.  


I know that for those  thinking of entrepreneurship there will always be a sea of doubt: there will never be enough time, enough chutzpah, enough money, enough balls, enough guts.  Most of it is all psychological too, the blocks are designed to  keep us from finding ourselves. Some of them are badly twisted misconceptions, some of them are rooted fears. The two are fabricated to make the obstacles seeming  insurmountable to prevent us from the belief that we can  soar. Leap. Fly.


Please don’t, it’s 2009. Do you know where your goals are?


10 thoughts on “It’s 2009. Do you know where your goals are?

  1. Thanks for sharing Jude, adversity comes to make us stronger in every way and to push us past barriers and blockages in our life, i have plenty personal experience of that. The hardest times have always come just before the biggest blessings and turning points of my life and yes i do know where my Goals are 2009 and I am pressing forth to go way beyond… I am living a life of purpose for which i was created as I know with all my heart a divinely purposed walk is true freedom… I wish to help as many as I can find this knowledge and be empowered.

  2. Don’t know what’s your inspiration but the message is routed in power.People need to as you say ,overcome fear "and empower themselves and the people around them.
    My personal story is having the challange of debriefing my three older Sons on afternoons ages 18 upper6 economics. business and history,16 4th form business ,15 3rd form St Marys College. They are being thought at school to study hard to get a big/good job and i preach to them," it’s better to have a small business than a big job" .The overt persuading coupled with the subliminal messages of "succesful employed professionals ‘(Politicians etc.) who flaunt their office and what ever perks (car , business credit card and all the other bells and whistles used by employers to keep them in bondage}.
    I can go on and on but you get the point.

  3. This came just at the right time that I was goal setting n decision making!! When the student is ready the teacher will come..thanks!

  4. the kids are being schooled on how to get a job. it doh even have to be a big one. it’s a problem i had with the system since i was in school.

    but judette, i think entrepreneurship is more of a lifestyle or an attitude than anything else. and i don’t think that it trips on at 8 then switches off at 4:30. it is a perspective on life in general that changes from individual to individual. it might be driven by financial success as well as it might be driven by plain old fulfillment. either way, it only happens when one makes specific decisions as to how they are going to live life. playing it safe, or playing it.

  5. Another way to look at it is cleverly put in "dead poet Society" where we each write our own verse in the story of life……
    Unfortunately most people let others write the verse…

  6. Entrepreneurs experience "hard times" in many ways – some with cash flow, unscrupulous competitors, changes in market demands, the loss of a big client etc. When I started my business, 4 years ago, the website was just 6 pages and during the first 3 months we had ZERO paying advertisers. All the advertisers at that time, were on a free, three month trial basis. So you can just imagine how many people were telling me to quit and give up my crazy wedding website idea!

    But what those times ( as well as other tough business lessons) have taught me are:
    *The importance of staying true to myself
    *The importance of God in my business
    *That if you think mediocre thoughts, you will achieve mediocre things in life
    *That entrepreneurs need people to lean on when things get tough – never underestimate the value of your spouse, your family and your mentors
    *To maintain a commitment to excellence — do my best work and the rest, such as money and referrals, will follow

  7. Good article, Judette. As they say, "nothing worth having comes easy." My goal for 2009 is quite simple….live my best life now as tomorrow is not promised.

  8. Thanks for the inspiration Judette. You have touched my heart and moved my mind in more ways than one. As for 2009, my goal is to simply "Live my life without regrets or apologies"

  9. thank u so very much Judette for this enlighted and informative piece, it was said at the right time.

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