Mercedes Benz fails to shine at Sex and the City premiere

Mercedes Benz fails to shine at Sex and the City premiere

Public Relations | Judette Coward-Puglisi

June 6, 2008


CAPTION: Judette surrounded by friends, (l to r) Stephanie, Maria and Simone at the Mercedes Benz Sex and the City premiere



Whoever organised last night’s Mercedes Benz red carpet premiere of Sex and the City should be fired. Or at best, given a crash course in events management.

How else to explain the walk down the red carpet only to be hoarded into two lines? Or the fact that 6 packs of popcorn took 50 minutes to get in a long, winding line? To cap it all off, cricket’s super star Brian Lara (Brian’s cancer foundation, the beneficiary of the charity event) and professional footballer Dwight Yorke stood on a stage so black you could hardly distinguish them. A spotlight would have been welcome, so too a proper working microphone.

I know that red carpet and movie premieres are the ‘"in" thing, a Hollywood-esque kind of shing ding designed make participants feel like celebrities but the way Mercedes Benz organized the function last evening had the crowd feeling anything but.

Event management is not a guessing game and should not be left to a virgin who thinks it is about placing a microphone here or buying drinks and setting up a booth. Events Management is part of the PR discipline and if done right, serves as a catalyst for your brand.

Because of the saving grace of the movie, Sex and the City, all was not lost.  But when my friends and I left the premiere we never once stopped to look at the gleaming, polished Mercedes parked outside the cineplex. You don’t have to wonder why?










4 thoughts on “Mercedes Benz fails to shine at Sex and the City premiere

  1. Ouch Judette!!! Two things ruffled me about this entry; the first being your brutal honesty and the second was that an established world brand like Mercedes-Benz, not to mention a partner of the movie could get this wrong. It is especially mystifying given their successful hosting the New York City premiere at Radio City Music Hall and at other movie theatres across the US.

    The T&T representatives ought to take stock and evaluate where they went wrong or as you say take a serious crash course in events management. My recommendation- they outsource the number 1 Communications and PR firm in the country, Mango Media Caribbean…lol.

    You all looked beautiful by the way!

  2. La Toya, I understand the ouch.

    But would you let an accountant get away with fixing the numbers or a doctor with prescribing the wrong medicine? I bet not. So why shouldn’t I be upset when I see a company giving scant regard to an important tactic in our profession.

    Being a true Mango Mediaite, I appreciated your plug for our firm but my comment was simply an expression of my angst at firms give PR a bad name

  3. You know Judette, maybe it was just a matter of poor vision, and for that there is no crash course. Perhaps if we interviewed the organiser of the event they might say that things turned out great; just the way they planned, with all the cocktails and the car displays and whatever else seemed grand. I wonder if there was anyone in the crowd who shared the same poor vision and actually thought the evening was great…

  4. Mirella, you are right. Vision is always the guiding light and so too is walking through every detail.

    For instance, Brian will be standing on a dark cinema stage, is he well lit? Or thinking there is going to be a huge crowd should we ask the managers of Movie Towne to bring on more staff or at least get all the popcorn machines working at the same time ? For heaven’s sake, is Brian’s microphone working Surely those things are not too much to ask and they really wouldn’t be if one had vision

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