One sick dog. Two different experiences.

One sick dog. Two different experiences.

Communication | Judette Coward-Puglisi

January 21, 2010













Dear Dr Rahama,

You remember me? I came in last Sunday with my really sick mixed breed pompek-like dog, Boyfriend. 

At the time I thought he had the flu, but your prognosis was serious. You diagnosed kidney and renal failure and sent me on my way with drips, an energy paste and another white sticky liquid.

Boyfriend hadn’t eaten in 4 days and he looked like a bag of bones really. You advised I should get a kidney diet but when I asked you more about kidney failure and  his chances of survival, you’ll recall that you told me that I should read it all on the Net.

Here’s why I’ll give your service a fat F, for failure.

A)  Dog owners who walk into a vet’s office really love their dogs. I mean really. And they want information about the cause of illness, the impact on the dog’s health and what the  diagnosis means in terms of its life. I think they also want to know that you care.  

B) Please don’t assume that dog owners are as smart as you are. We come to you to get a human perspective, we don’t want advice that suggests we turn to technology. Also, don’t gloss over our concerns. It’s condescending.

C) My dog’s name is Boyfriend, he has a family. He’s loved. He should not be referred to as: ‘this dog.’

You’ll be happy to know I took my dog to Dr Pyke of the North West Veterinary Clinic. She had wonderful things to say about you. To be honest, I wondered if she was speaking from historical memory. In any case you’d be happy to know that Dr Pyke explained kidney disease and how Boyfriend could have been suffering from it for a long time, happy and carefree, until his final tissues collapsed. You’d be overjoyed as well to learn that Dr Pyke also forced-fed Boyfriend and he didn’t throw up his food. I wished you had done that on Sunday when we first brought him in, he would have been stronger today. She also explained in detail the reason for his shallow breathing. You’ll remember when my sister asked  you said you had no explanation

Boyfriend is at North West tonight, but I feel different, that he is in the best hands and getting  the best care.

I have written about Dr Pyke and this Clinic before and the message here  is the same, the issues of remarkability of service  and customer respect are universal. It’s all about people, all the time. 

It’s never too late to learn this Dr Rahama, never too late.

Your former client




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  1. Good one Judes….what an impact two people can make in ones life under the same circumstances. Nonchalance and apathy vs. care and concern, I like you, would take the latter any day; I just wish those qualities was not so difficult to find.

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