The Old Rules Still Apply

The Old Rules Still Apply

Leadership Marketing | Judette Coward-Puglisi

October 10, 2008


Whenever there is a new, hot thing that promises the next nirvana, marketers begin tripping over themselves. How much money should they spend on it? How fast can they adopt it? How quickly can they get the competitive edge?


The answer is not for long. 

An interconnected world that makes the globe a village means that early adopters have a competitive advantage for just a second, if they’re lucky. And that’s before another something new and hot comes along or before a competitor spends a couple a million dollars more to pull ahead of the pack.


3 thoughts on “The Old Rules Still Apply

  1. Corey, I hear you.

    We are in the new wild market economy where it is increasingly difficult to differentiate. Just think about it, any product or service you currently buy now, you could go onto Google and get it faster, better,cheaper. Forget unique ideas, competitors can steal that in two weeks, three weeks at tops.

    The futurist Gerd Leonherd spoke last week of finding your niche and dominating that niche. That may be the way to business nirvana. Do something the world has not seen before. Do something, produce something so that for a moment in time your product or service will be unique and uniquely competitive.

    I am from a small business background and for me standing apart in the sea of sameness has to do with factors like our service deal, our image,our work and our people. I like to think of these things as Intelligence and Intangibles. And I still ask myself those crucial question who am I am producing for, what am I selling that is unique and what channels do my customers use to get information.

  2. I do agree. I actually recently made a decision to focus more on building communities and catering to a niche market. At its most basic level it will come to perception of what is value. I am really taking to the idea of treating it like a community and essentially focusing on developing that relationship.
    I would never forget one of the first RSS feeds i read consistently was a digital photography site. This was a site just built about 6 mths at the time and one day i received a post that said, Buy this product through amazon referrals to help this site grow. I felt so convicted to purchase that product. It was something that I would want in a Few months but i realized, how much i valued the photography tips and been a part of that community.
    Its very interesting experience which has caused me to appreciate just how much, google and social media is impacting our business landscape.

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