The dips are just part of the journey

The dips are just part of the journey

Entrepreneurship | Judette Coward-Puglisi

March 1, 2010





The reason why most of us feel uncomfortable with entrepreneurship is because we don’t like roller coaster rides. It’s the fall that we are terrified of.


Clients love your work, you go from  meeting  to meetings. You’re exhausted but happy.  But there are times when the phone remains silent or the  HR issues become exhausting.  Whatever the manifestations, your nerves begin to rattle.  


Somehow you thought  you had  built the next Google  but inside you’ve got to admit to yourself,  and then to those that love you, that your idea wasn’t so hot shot after all.  That it will take time to find its traction in the market.


Maybe that’s the toughest part in building a new business, the realization that others (customers)   don’t see your dream as big as you do. 


What should you do? There are two roads.


Persist or quit.


Either is a viable option. 


Quiting allows you to reassess,  re strategise. And yes, even start afresh. There are tons of leaders  of great businesses who  floundered along the way. 


If you decide to persist…






Because the energy that you will need to  keep  your start-up going, in lieu of unbridled success,  isn’t free; its back breaking work.


Still it may be  worth it for I do believe this: Entrepreneurship is for those who can handle the ride and  for the those who  understand that the curves of the roller coaster are  simply just part of the journey. 



2 thoughts on “The dips are just part of the journey

  1. Owning your business is indeed a bumpy road, not for the faint of heart, but it’s a ‘living MBA’ and I think the experience gained in one year is worth 3 to 5 working in an orgainisation.

    Whenever I feel like giving up, I try to find inspiration in some form. For the past year or more it has been from the short video "Famous Failures" Main message of the video: "If you’ve never failed, you’ve never lived"

  2. I totally agree with this, the interesting thing is just managing the opportunities in front of you. Its kind of scary to figure out which path to throw your weight behind. You know that you should be doing all of them but how to u divide your time in a suitable way to nurture each opportunity to the right amount, and at the right time.

    Its simply mind boogling. As they say conflict with ideas and thoughts is what makes you learn.

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