The future belongs to those who seize the opportunity to create it

The future belongs to those who seize the opportunity to create it

Entrepreneurship | Judette Coward-Puglisi

October 14, 2009






Yesterday,  I understood the frustration of our PR team. It was the third time we were submitting the same RFP to the same client. The third time we worked back breaking hours on  weekend in as many weeks. The third time the psychological and creative investment was being made.


“I am not sure we should go for it,” our designer said, who was frustrated at the client’s mix up. 


I understood the sentiment. Exhaustion. Frustration. Disillusion.


But as the  leader of the firm  my role is to take the jar of hope from its shelf, open it  and sprinkle required doses around the room. My strategy is not hocus pocus, more precisely it’s about assessing the situation and  taking calculated risks.


Running a PR firm that wins 40 % of new business by responding  to RFPs is like playing the lottery. 


I figure, if we participate, if we respond to the Requests, there is a 99% chance we’ll lose. On the other hand, if we do not take part, our chances at losing are 100%. 


To succeed I have kept  my eyes on the single percent. 


Getting back to yesterday though as we rallied under enormous pressure (technology glitches, mix ups with the  printer and our courier) we sent off our proposal on the wings of hope and prayer and yes, some  kick butt creatives.


As Jan Michelle ( Mango Media Caribbean’s  AE)  stood in the lobby of the client   waiting for Judy (our Event Director)  to bring in one last item to slip into our  package, I sat down to calm the nerves after 14 stressful hours of  working through problem after problem.


Do clients have any idea of the passion that goes into the work? I am not sure. But as I sat in the lobby of the client, I felt a sense of hope. And I thought  that the the future truly belongs to the outliers – those who dare to take risks, break rules and push to the edge. 


It  belongs to those who seize the opportunity to create it. 




5 thoughts on “The future belongs to those who seize the opportunity to create it

  1. I know precisely the experience you describe, however it’s usually not a team, but me and occasionally one other person doing all that rushing and bustling. I also agree with 100%: The future is owned by those who go the extra mile, even when there is no hope of getting, keeping or retaining a client project. The work, passion, quality is reflected in the work and that ALWAYS reflects well on you.

  2. Believe me, my firm may be a bit bigger but I still do a lot of rushing and bustling, I am not sure I can ever escape it. Thanks for the comment

  3. Thanks for that.

    That is really what is all about right – keeping focused on the goal and working as smart as possible.

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