The greatest obstacle to your creativity might just be (gulp) you.!

The greatest obstacle to your creativity might just be (gulp) you.!

Communication | Judette Coward-Puglisi

July 23, 2010

" Although we, as creative minds, would rather not think about it, the sad truth is that most of our ideas will never see the light of day. Indeed, brilliant breakthroughs are conceived and plundered in the hands of creative geniuses all the time. But why?


Creativity, it seems, is not only the catalyst for new ideas. Creativity is also the greatest obstacle to seeing our ideas through to the finish.


So, what is this darker side of creativity that obstructs progress?


It is the series of negative tendencies and challenges that accompany the creative psyche: The self-doubts; The distaste for negative feedback; The tendency to use idea-generation as a way to escape the pain of self-discipline and execution; The rampant disorganization that (supposedly) fosters creative thinking.


It turns out that ideas don’t happen because they’re great—or by accident. Ideas are made to happen through a series of other forces. And And the most neglected among them is organization. Great execution starts with supreme organization. 


Ultimately, organization comes down to howyou manage your energy. Contrary to popular belief, organization is not about “neatness,” it is about efficiency and allowing yourself to take action as swiftly as possible."


Thank you Scott Belsky for writing this.