The moment she realised she’s beautiful

The moment she realised she’s beautiful

Public Relations | Judette Coward-Puglisi

May 3, 2008

"Women should not go natural after 16,” says famed Yves St Laurent make up artist Sergio Palmer who was in Trinidad to launch the YSL line at Stechers.

Palmer was responding to a model’s comment that she preferred to go without makeup most of the time.

Palmer said that colour on was an important part of a woman’s non-verbal communication and I have to admit that after taking this picture the moment Palmer finished his 45 minute application, I agreed.

Here I capture Debra Jodhan, the exact moment Palmer applied his last stroke and she saw herself in the mirror for the very first time.




2 thoughts on “The moment she realised she’s beautiful

  1. I am not sure if I agree with Palmer’s view that women should not go natural after 16. Although I must confess to growing increasingly intrigued with the art, like Debra I much prefer to go without it. I almost never wear any during the work week, because I don’t like getting up early to put it on and besides isn’t it a fact that wearing make-up all of the time is bad for ones skin?

    The entry raises an interesting question though; do women need to wear make-up everyday just to look beautiful?

  2. Good question La Toya. Funny how it is a perpetual one and in other circumstances can almost be gender neutral. DO we need to wear glasses to appear more intelligent? Do men need to wear a tie to seem more business like?

    Study anthropology and you’ll see how the desire to be attractive has been around since the earliest civilizations. Ancient people stained their skin and created intricate jewelry and clothing to enhance their appearance. Women in the middle ages used a poisonous plant known as belladonna to
    dilate their pupils. Yes, I said poisonous but that didn’t stop them, dilated pupils would made the women appear more sexually arousing.

    I am not sure how much has changed. Women use colour on their faces for a number of reasons: to be more appealing, for a shot of self esteem. Frankly that was what I saw in Debra’s face when I took that picture, she looked incredibly happy and it impacted her confidence positively.

    Who knows what happens when the make up comes off but if a YSL lipstick can make someone feel better about herself, I say, go for it.

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