To 5 Reasons why Eventology’s launch was so good

To 5 Reasons why Eventology’s launch was so good

Events | Judette Coward-Puglisi

September 25, 2009

Eventology, the largest event conference in the Southern Caribbean, got off to a great start last evening at its launch  at the  Hyatt Regency hotel where the who’s who in the industry converged to get a snapshot of what they would see and hear over  2 days of workshops and  meetings.

It was a tough audience.  

I mean, how do you launch an event to  some of the most creative professionals in the country.  

Here are  the  Top 5 reasons I am tipping my hat to organisers Lisa Ghany-Weeks and Derek Lewis:

5. Backdrop: It was gorgeous. The word Eventology leaped out from the purple and copper background and the special effect lighting  added to the appeal on the stage.

4. Seating: Well organised and professionally orchestrated. This always gets to me when not done right and can put  me in a funky mood since it  sets the tone for the entire evening. There were hiccoughs in this area for the Eventology crew

3. Creativity: Organisers used mimes to move the programme along. They had great visual appeal, were fun to watch and functional as well since they  rearranged the setting  and props for each programme item.

2. Speakers: An amazing line up. At yesterday’s launch event designer Preston Bailey, protocol expert Ines Rodrigues, Obama’s inauguration organiser Colin Abraham, and celebrity chef Debra Sardinha Metivier  presented short snippets as to why the Hyatt would be the place to be if you have anything to do with organising events at all.

1. Networking. Okay so the hor d’oeuvres did not flow, that was very surprising,  but you couldn’t beat the networking. This is an  important aspect of any cocktail party and the organisers provided plenty time for meet and greet. I enjoyed chatting with Laura Asbjornsen of Caribbean Airlines,  Penny Gomez of Digicel, Simone Sant Ghuran of Trinidad Weddings, Danielle Jones of UTC, Nadine Johnson of TDC, Heather Jones of Heather Jones Designs,  among others.