Treating your customers like rock stars

Treating your customers like rock stars

Communication | Judette Coward-Puglisi

October 28, 2009










I swear I don’t go to Fine Tune Media for the chocolates.


Truth be told, I  record all my company’s  podcasts and produce my client’s radio ads there because the principals,  Romel Best and Samantha John,  offer the best darn studio recording services in the country. 


Their studio is tiny but bright. 


Romel and Samantha are professional but  personal. 


And whenever I go, Samantha remembers what kind of chocolates I like and stocks up on them.


Ok. So maybe it’s the chocolates that do it, but I figure its their big attitude that keeps me coming back and spreading their gospel. They prove that when you’re in business you need to treat customers and critical competents as if they are rock stars and celebrity guests. 


Here’s the number  one trait of customers. They’ll show up when they want to and they’ll leave when they feel like it.  You can’t talk them into staying with your  clever ads. You have to  prove your  commitment  to them by keeping them so  happy, it makes  the emotional costs of switching to another provider super high.


Yesterday as I was producing  a  CHOGM ad, I mentioned to Romel that I used another studio while  they were on vacation but because  my experience wasn’t the same there, I came back.


 I also consider myself a loyalist to exceptional work. But maybe too, Romel and Samnatha understand that building a tribe of  loyalists means instituting the same kind of relationships that  exist in families. 


Service is about care, love, passion. Competence too for sure. But believe me when the four becomes one, well,  we’re talking rock star!



One thought on “Treating your customers like rock stars

  1. Hi Judette

    Haven’t posted in months, I am catching up on all the interesting messages you have shared.

    ‘Service is about care, love and passion,’ this key message you shared is true and needs to be echoed in so many of our businesses. I think some businesses do not seem to get this; there is a big difference between offering a good product or a needed service to offering good customer service or good customer care. This for me is creating a holistic experience for the customer. They may need my product but I want them to desire it, I want them to leave feeling good not only about their purchase but their shopping experience.

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