When forced to choose, what do you go for, smarts or attitude?

When forced to choose, what do you go for, smarts or attitude?

Entrepreneurship | Judette Coward-Puglisi

December 7, 2009










I am relentless when it comes to having the right people mix at Mango Media Caribbean. 
The highest common denominator here at our PR firm is having a great attitiude, despite the horrific hours, the demanding deadlines  and the sometimes impossible workload.
My logic is simple really.
 I can turn positive people into great communication professionals but turning  aspiring communicators with an attitude problems into  a charming  servers of customers is close to impossible.
Ideally of course it is best to attract people who are smart and share our corporate  values but when forced to chooose, I say, despite the investment in time, go for attitude. 



3 thoughts on “When forced to choose, what do you go for, smarts or attitude?

  1. Well said…it is really difficult to try to change someones’ attitude when it is an negatively established one. According to the old people "yuh cah teach ah ole dog new tricks"…..When people are positive it means that they are willing to learn and grow as individuals and professionals and are usually like sponges; ready to soak in everything and let it out when the time is right!

  2. Agreed! Positive attitude first! I believe you can learn a skill and even though an attitude can be developed through experience and other factors, one must have a desire to change and grow and hence we go right back to the start; possess a positive approach. A person with a positive attitude generally is willing to be molded through self-awareness or by the positive influence of others. A ‘smart’ person who thinks he or she knows it all can be less flexible.

    But putting a spin on the issue, when forced to work with people with negative attitudes do you think these people can develop the attitude/behavior you desire and what approaches do you use to influence?

  3. To be honest Tameika the process is so painstaking and my firm is so fast paced I can’t afford to teach positivity.

    Typically new team members get 6 months to prove themselves but I can tell within the first week whether you will work out or not. I tend to make hiring and firing decisions very quickly. I don’t believe I should wait to develop attitude, I just don’t have the time. I can make your writing stronger, I can teach how to write a proposal etc

    I enjoy working in a happy space, it makes my creativity soar and team members become my family however my tolerance level is low for complainers, whiners and those who see the work place as a pay cheque and not as a space to learna nd grow. The people in my firm must have an entrepreneurial spirit, it’s a basic ingredient.

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