When your message goes off course…

When your message goes off course…

Communication | Judette Coward-Puglisi

February 16, 2009

You could plead your case  by insisting that the Central Bank is being high -handed and  not acting in the spirit of collaboration thereby causing an undue public panic. You could criticise the media by suggesting  that they have been distorting your messages and then turn around and utiliise the same medium to write an unsigned letter that accuses the opposing side of adopting an“ “unusually harsh stance". You could even forget to hold direct court with your  distressed clients as they read headlines that fuel  their panic in the same way as a match to a gas line. And, while you’re at it, challenge the fairness of the  above named bank, and explain how a more fair and consensus based  process would have educated the public, the very group who feel ignored.


As the man who many still respect you could sit down and get personal. You could forget the unsigned media letters  and start  to blog. You could use the web based  platform to define your messages and state your case. You could write specific messages for your clients outlining the  step-by-step reasons why their panic could create the very bomb they’re afraid of igniting. You could educate and inform  and in so doing outline what you learned from the process and what you’ll be changing in the future. And you can approach the media frenzy with your own  communications channel and begin writing  with candour, urgency, timeliness, humility and yes, sometimes even, controversy.

 Couple questions:

1. Which tactic will generate more excitement, more buzz and be perceived as adding a valued voice to the messages already out there?  

2. Which one will increase  word-of-mouth while at the same time  improve the morale of  the people who still have to turn up for work day in and day  out. 

It’s real simple, I think. The tough part is wondering why the first has become so common.


5 thoughts on “When your message goes off course…

  1. I believe that B would generate more positive and valued voice to the messages already posted… it would give the public a more focused perspective on the issue and at the same time decrease the wanton profusion of the unsigned letters.

  2. By far, I think the 2nd option will be much more sincere and will generate alot more buzz. I don’t know why people still choose the 1st one because it comes across as the same type of ‘rhetoric’ that they are trying to counter.
    The best way to win an argument is to avoid one

  3. I was gently tapped on my shoulder by my colleague at CLICO today. She reminded me that as earnest as my options were, they were also a bit naive. Mr Duprey is no longer the Chairman of the Board. CLICO is now owned by he Government.

  4. I believe that the 2nd option would be the most effective one because it allows you to show your publics how willing you are to share information with them. To push blame aside to others would only continue to show you in a negative light and continue to prove that somewhere along the line you probably went wrong and is too ashamed to say it.

    With the mass number of people that live for news gathering and feedback online, blogging is an effective way to get the message across in a timely manner. It would give you an idea about the concerns of your publics and then further provide guidelines for you to work with for future blogs..allowing you to understand which takes precedence.

    Educating your publics is so important because without them you are nothing. If this isnt done then the speculation continues, the rumours continue and the tarnishing or your reputation (or what little remains) will continue.

    Mommy always says..a character easily lost is hard to regain and that goes for professionals and businesses!

    I found out the hard way this weak that through the media, blogging, posting and mass emails, news gets across too quickly!
    After re-reading, I cannot believe that i wrote all of the above! lol

  5. Thanks Adanna. As always I appreciate your comments. You have a fantastic career ahead of you as clearly demonstrated by your always well thought out comments.

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