Who won the great debate?

Who won the great debate?

Communication | Judette Coward-Puglisi

October 16, 2008

 I listened to third and final debate between Obama and Mc Cain on  BBC radio so  I missed all the body language and non-verbal nuances so important in communications especially when the conversation centers on the economy, energy and health care. 

Let me declare, I am a Democrat party supporter and I feel strongly that Obama will be the next President of the United States, my prediction is certainly helped by the fact that in the past  three weeks  "it’s been about the economy stupid’. 


9 thoughts on “Who won the great debate?

  1. I understand where you are coming from if you just listened to the Debate on the radio. Mc Cain was indeed more aggressive. One of his ‘jabs’ included telling Obama ‘You are indeed an eloquent speaker but you have to listen to exactly what you say’ (yikes).

    But, Obama was a clear winner for what he did and didn’t say, he spoke calmly, seemed cool but serious and looked directly into the camera (more personable – I’m not in the US, but felt he was talking directly to me in T&T), not so with Mc Cain and I remembered thinking with all Mc Cain’s experience, doesn’t he know that these ‘little’ things imakes all the difference.

    Of course looking directly into the camera can have the opposite effect, think of Sarah Palin even though she looked directly into the camera during the VP Debate, she was winking – seemingly not serious – but Obama’s body language was a winner – Palin just provided the perfect comic material for Tina Fey and higher ratings for SNL, but that’s another story.

  2. Poor Joe the Plumber. Turns out he hasn’t paid his taxes nor applied for his plumber’s license… He must be in hiding now!

  3. Goes to show you Christal, when storytelling- a great technique for get a point to an audience-make sure the characters are authentic. Poor Joe. Poor Mc Cain.

  4. Oh you know what got me? Mc Cain’s comment: "Sarah Palin is a real role model for women." For some yes, but not for most. Mere tokenism, I think in order to jolt a campaign that needed something to stop the Obama wave.

  5. I believe that this was McCain’s best and Obama’s worst. Pundits have said that Obama’s strategy was "Do No Harm". However Obama showed real restraint as McCain mischaracterized him and what he said over and over. McCain though lost big with me when he said that he has repudiated divisive comments made by crowd members at his rallies. He may … Read Morehave but Palin stood by and condoned it (to her shame).

  6. BHO played it safe. Women as a whole seemed to buy what he was saying much more than whatever JSM was selling them.

    BHO did start flat, but finished well. Plus he wasn’t blinking every five seconds as if he had sand in his eye.

  7. I agree with the gender comment, this despite the Sarah Palin effect. I liked Obama’s health care response and his twist on the Joe the Plumber point when the late tax question came from Mc Cain.

  8. I think McCain won on sound bytes. The best one for the night was the George Bush comment he made to Obama. But overall I think Obama won on cool points, he sure got McCain all riled up…lol

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