Why I Love PR

Why I Love PR

Public Relations | Judette Coward-Puglisi

June 11, 2008

Okay so I am passionate about my profession. I identified 4 top reasons why, I am looking for a fifth.

  1. PR preserves the license to operate in a more complex environment. Could the message of Al Gore and the climate change penetrated our conscience enough for us to change behaviour. Now, I never leave the room without taking off the lights.
  2. PR’s approach is premised on listening, dialogue and continually incorporating feedback, which leads audiences from conversation to participation in the brand and company. It can be an equalizer, which other profession can  lay  claim to that fame.
  3. PR is an acclerator, a brand can get a huge return on its PR investment with dispropotiante spend. Our work with the Digicel Rising Stars proves that.
  4. PR causes the line between brand and corporate reputation to  evaporate. Notice how big business is selling us stuff that have a good purpose. Companies are now taking on issues that matter to the world and making money while doing the right thing. PR creates  a win/win for all.

  Why do you love PR?


12 thoughts on “Why I Love PR

  1. I love PR because I love people! Seriously; but my passion grew for the field because it gives you so much creative freedom, whether it is writing a Press Release or designing a new campaign for a client’s product/ service. PR challenges me to not only think outside of the box but to literally "dash way the box" (Jamaican dialect for throw away the box). So it definitely gives you the avenue to let the creative nature of the practitioner shine through.

  2. I definitely enjoy the creative side of PR Stephanie as well as the engagement of people but I think when you get out into the real world you are going to have to link that passion to the real nuts and bolts of the organisation’s bottom line. It’s only when you think strategic is your creativity going to count.

  3. I know what you mean, I am working in a regional organization and what I love most about it is the fact that I get to interact with persons from all over the Caribbean. This means that I have to remember that works for an ad campaign in Barbados may not have the same impact in St Lucia, for instance. The audience we cater to, in some ways, influences the culture of the organization and the diversity is off the wall…but I love it!

  4. I love PR becasue as PR practioners, we form the synergistic core of an organization. We are able to learn about a range of things across industries, from economics to entertainment We are able to simultaneously
    enjoy a number of cultrues and expereinces and get the job done. I also like it because communication is always relevant, we may evolve over time but relevent nonetheless.

  5. You know what else, I decided to study communications with the dream of becoming a journalist to, get this, meet celebrities. I know crazy right. I somehow thought they would find me cool and all want to be my friend. I realized
    however that that dream is not as far fetched as it sounds, because in this arena the world is completely open to you.

  6. Jamila, you’re not that crazy. I decided to study communications because I love to talk. That’s it. Nothing past that. At the time I didn’t see where it would take me in public speaking or debating or conversation analysis, neither did I relate it to linguistics, which I also study. Now, I see how the two are intrinsically twinned and there’s more to their affiliation than words and just talking.

    Communications taught me how to read people (their non-verbal and verbal signs) and gave me a better understanding of how society uses symbols to create meaning in EVERYTHING especially language.

    What I love about PR is that it allows me to be me while challenging my creativity almost every minute of the day. It keeps my critical thinking skills as sharp as a shark’s tooth. And besides, I love to meet new people and explore new cultures. What better way than PR?

  7. Why do I love PR? Because it’s something that I know is more than just a job… it’s knowing your business from the inside out and being able to pinpoint where your company stands, how far you can help it to go and how the public sees you. You’ve got to know every facet of the business, from the CEO to the maintenance crew. Public Relations has its own rich history and so many things have changed from the days when you just plucked someone from the media and handed them a company portfolio and left them to "figure it out". Public Relations practitioners have gone beyond (and left behind) the stereotype of some pretty faced woman that throws cocktail parties and schmoozes with clients. A public relations consultant has to be fluent in the language of communications, accounts, statistics, human resources, mathematics and more. Intelligence, quick wit, knowledge and an understanding of the importance their portfolio carries is only half of it. The other half is passion, which all of us in this forum has. And right now, I’m so close to getting my Journalism and Public Relations degree from Costaatt that I can almost taste it!
    We’re truly a special breed.

  8. PR is communication. And one thing people love is to be communicated to. Informing and making people aware is one method of inclusion so that they feel a part or at least see results or returns from something that they may be involved in, or even further facilitate their involvement.

  9. Why I love PR?

    It’s the opportunities to meet new, exciting and different people.
    It’s the passion that drives us to conceptualise an event and watch it come a live right before us.
    It’s that jolt of adrenaline that jets you through your preparations.
    It’s that “fuzzy” feeling you feel deep down inside when see people having the most amazing time at an event that you helped create.
    It’s you, it’s me, it’s who we are and it is what we love!

    Why I got into communications?

    I love dealing with people, I am creative and I love making people smile 🙂

  10. Halcian,

    You’ve hit the spot, as professionals our role is to understand the business case of the organisations and clients we serve.

    Dale I understand your enthusiasm for the profession, you’ve got to have a passion and a drive for serving people, that is engaging your most critical stakeholders when you ‘do’ PR.

    But Public Relations is so much more than making people smile, that’s how it was perceived eons ago.

    Today, our profession is more bottom line driven. Communicators speak of business strategy, measureable results in the same breath as we talk about events and creativity. When you eventually get to marry the two Dale, your obvious enjoyment of our work will deepen.

  11. i’m really considering PR as a career and what i really want to know is:

    what it takes to be brilliant at the job, and do i need a degree to work in this field? or can i work my way up from experience and still earn well? is there a lot of public speaking involved?

  12. This is a very inetersting question. To tell the truth your reasons made me look at PR from a different point of view. Well, to tell the truth I had a bad opinion of PR but I consider it to be very important for the company. You know, after reading this points I will rethink my attitude to PR.
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