Will the Obama/media love affair last?

Will the Obama/media love affair last?

Media | Judette Coward-Puglisi

January 23, 2009



Lynn Espinoza has an interesting  question on her blog and it something I’ve been mulling over for days.

Are the media so completely in awe of  the new President that they are failing to take into consideration objectivity?

Lynn believes that  the media in general "has gone WAY over the top in the way they’ve treated President Obama’s inauguration. "

According to the former journalist: "They (the media) should report on all the gushing, without gushing themselves. They should also look for a few non-believers to balance the coverage. Non-believers are not as hard to find as it appears on CNN, MSNBC and the networks. Fox would be happy to lend a couple of theirs, I’m sure."

There is a point to all this. The media who seem now to  attach a celebrity type fascination to Obama is creating  God-like expectations of a man who is sure to make his fair share of mistakes as the world’s most important leader.  

My fear is that  this is a love affair that can soon go sour if the media fail to inject a touch of realism.