Bring down the power

Bring down the power

Leadership | Judette Coward-Puglisi

April 29, 2010

The word power is drenched in ambivalence.

Power seeking is supposed to be terrible and politically incorrect and so any desire to  want and  keep power remains steeped in fear and disdain.


Nothing gets done without power. Nothing noteworthy anyway. The Black Power revolution required the power to mobilise resources and people. The reinvigorated UNC required a powerful momentum led by one woman who had to dig deep and find the power of her voice to stand agaisnt her maixmum leader. 


Obtaining power requires will and skill. Ask Kamla. Ask Patrick. They both have to to do  the work, and acquire  the  gumption to direct their  energies  productively. 

Power comes from their  ability to build a reputation, (good or bad),  to  create efficient and effective networks of social relations, (yes, CPEP workers  included) to  act and speak in ways that build influence (We will rise)  and create and employ resources-things that voters want and need.

Power is about moving the masses toward one belief. Come May 24th your role to overcome its ambivalence.