Feeling Stressed? Here are 7 Tips to Help You Cope

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Feeling Stressed? Here are 7 Tips to Help You Cope

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April 2, 2015

Stress is all around us.

We feel overwhelmed sometimes with our work, responsibilities and taking care of our children or ageing parents. Since stress affects us physically and emotionally managing it is very important to remaining healthy.

In this video, Judette speaks openly about being the President of Work-Alcoholic Anonymous and how a sudden health scare made her stop and take notice of her non-stop lifestyle.

Learn 7 practices, one for every day of the week that will help you unwind and relax.

Do you have any techniques or practices you use to cope with stress in your work or personal life? Share them with us in the comments below. Remember you can help many people when your journey is shared.

Be inspired.

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14 thoughts on “Feeling Stressed? Here are 7 Tips to Help You Cope

  1. Another great message, i really have to learn the art of not letting stress take me over, i have let go of a lot of fun things that made me happy, this was due to circumstances beyond my control but things have changed and i am slowly getting my happy back. 🙂

    • So proud of you Yolande, there are always things that will derail one’s chances at happiness don’t ever let them
      knock you over completely.

  2. Really found it reassuring, I too have recently been told by my doc.. to relax. At age forty, a professional, wife and mother of three moderately young children I found myself in a stiff place…I too have found ways to deal with my stress by relaxing more eating healthier, drinking more water and meditating. I have also subscribed to Hay House and find the teachings of Louise Hay to be priceless…you can check her out on YouTube as well.

      • Hi Lisa, a huge thank you for turning me onto to Louis Hay on You Tube. I have now made her guided meditation part of my daily practice. Thank you so much

  3. Thanks Judette for another motivating video . two of the many ways I de-stress 1 I love to drive so go on a long drive to Toco when the scenery is beautiful and also calming 2 If I am stressed during the week I pour a glass of Sangria and watch part or all of a Nigerian movie lol it works

  4. Love your videos, very inspiring! I do yoga, once a week. I try to read a novel every 2-3 months.. a really fat one and finally taking time to observe and appreciate my natural environment….birds outside my window, the poui trees in bloom on my way to work, the plants in my yard and so on.

  5. This video was reassuring. Saturday last after walking Chancellor I made a concientious effort and decided to make me happy and went driving on the western peninsula and took about 70 photos during my “self tour” . I even took a sea bath which 8 enjoyed tremendously. I had a wonderful “ME TIME” because I have begun to love me despite my many challenges . Thank you Judette. Looking forward to many more “ME” experiences.

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