Great News for PR

Great News for PR

Public Relations | Judette Coward-Puglisi

September 14, 2010

If you manage a PR agency, this  piece in Ad Age was wonderful news to wake up to this morning. I am also seeing the upward swing reflected in our firm where the trend toward digital marketing (and I am not talking just about placing a facebook ad) is up by 25%

Here are some excerpts from the article whose premise is that social media is responsible for PR’s resurgence in 2010.

“Three-quarters of the 59 agency CEOs and CFOs surveyed by the Council of PR firms reported growth in the first half of 2010 vs. 21% in 2009. A majority (81%) of those surveyed are also expecting growth in 2010 overall revenue. And 75% said the new-business pipeline is stronger than it was a year ago compared to 33.8% who said the same thing last year.” 

“PR, up until now, “wasn’t central to a corporation’s overall branding strategy. There is now an opportunity for the PR profession and practitioners to use these [digital] tools and make PR a more important part of the communications arsenal.”

“PR can prepare a brand or product for its target market while also preparing the market for that new brand or product. There isn’t another discipline in all of communications services that can do that for a brand.”

“More and more it’s being taken for granted by marketers that social media and digital falls in the PR space,” said Harris Diamond, CEO of Interpublic’s Constituency Management Group, which oversees Interpublic’s PR shops such as Weber Shandwick, Golin Harris and MWW Group. “And the whole engagement concept and lack of trust people have in authority figures or characters telling them what to buy or where to invest plays to our strengths.”