Have you noticed

Have you noticed

Social Media Technology | Judette Coward-Puglisi

March 17, 2010

1) We sit with company in  restaurants, movies and at the beach  with our eyes half glued to our mobile phones.

2) We used to pick up our mobiles to simply look busy, nowadays our mobiles are things that keep us perpetually busy. 

3) We  spend a good deal of  our time pecking away at  google, facebook, twitter, stumbleupon  etc

4) That our thumbs hurt.

5) That we constantly exchange action for stimulus, action for stimulus in the virtual fast lane.

6) That it is time we took back control.


5 thoughts on “Have you noticed

  1. I have to laugh at this because I may be the only person in Trinidad this doesn’t refer to! I own a me2 nokia and planning to upgrade to another nokia soon-don’t want anything to do with a BB because I have seen how it makes people into zombies. Try having a meaningful conversation with someone whose blackberry is working!!

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