How to Set Sail in a Rough Economy

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How to Set Sail in a Rough Economy

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March 11, 2015

Are you thinking of growing your business during the tough economic times? When you can spot opportunities for your business to flourish, but not sure if the moves you’ll make are the right ones, it’s vital to take a step back and ask yourself some tough questions.

In this video, learn 5 key questions to ask yourself so that your actions are in sync with reality and the hard work that comes with entrepreneurial growth.

Thank you so much for watching.

Be inspired.

Judette and the Forward Forty team


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9 thoughts on “How to Set Sail in a Rough Economy

  1. Great advice Judette! I believe that their are always opportunities, even in lean times. But we have to focus on what are customers are willing to pay for while they hold on to their money. Expanding one’s customer base is also a good strategy.

    • You are absolutely correct Charlene. I think that it is also about expanding your markets, looking at what products /services can be monetised online allowing you to reach a more global audience. Technology allows us not to be myopic.

  2. Great advice but I have to comment on customer service. Exceptional customer service keeps satisfied customers and improves your customer base. Nothing beats “word of mouth” recommendations!
    Love your videos.

    • Thank you and one of the best parts of word of mouth engagement is that you spend less money and time on marketing because you have advocates who truly believe in your brand doing it for you.

  3. Great advice for a small business owner like myself. Yes those fears are real, but as noted no matter the size of your business, apart from crunching those numbers and strategies, customer service and respect for and the inclusion of your staff are also key areas of importance that will keep you going in lean times.

    • Those two points are very helpful Dawn. Lean times require working more closely with your clients because they too are probably going through exactly the same thing the small business owner is, just on a different scale. I like doing face to face meetings to see how I can engage more, perhaps offer a different service suite or even tailor my prices. True engagement is necessary.

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