How to Style Your Denim Overall

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How to Style Your Denim Overall

Forward Forty Videos | Judette Coward-Puglisi

April 10, 2015

Today we’re playing with the denim jumpsuit. It’s such a great statement piece that can take you from casual Friday at work to a night out with friends. What I also love about this effortless piece is that it is like a blank canvass; you can dress it up or down with sneakers or high heels.

Take a look at how I style my denim jumpsuit but first I’ll chat frankly about why it’s important to celebrate your style, no matter what your shape and no matter what your age.

We hope that this video will help you to find your own one-piece wonder.

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6 thoughts on “How to Style Your Denim Overall

  1. I love the combination of pink and the blue denim.I have never worn a farmer brown jumpsuit before but looking at how attractive it looks on you I have decided to give it a try.Thanks for sharing the video.

    • Hi Cheryl would love to see a picture when you do. Thanks so much for the feedback

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