I hope you wish us luck

I hope you wish us luck

Leadership | Judette Coward-Puglisi

September 7, 2009

This morning I shall lead a team of 8 in a presentation for a chunk of new business in the tourism sector.

We’ve spent many, many hours getting our strategic thinking and creatives just right, including a 28-hour work day over the Independence holiday. My friend and colleague, Nikola L, impressed by the effort remarked, “You guys will win. There’s no way the others are putting that much effort into it.”

I am not sure. Not about the effort but about the winning.

Today, we will go up against two of the the top advertising firms in the country, McCann Erickson and Lonsdale Saatchi & Saatchi. Their names are salt in the advertising world. We, on the other hand, we are like the little engine that could armed with what we think is a remarkable strategy and smack on creatives.

We get the fact that we are the underdogs. At the same time, we’ve moved beyond that and because of this great belief in our ideas, we’re convinced we’re the ones to beat.

Still, am I nervous? A bit. Do I feel a bit of discomfort. Heck , yes, heaps, and I only just discovered why on Sunday morning at 3:00 a.m when I could not sleep and re-read Seth Godin’s ‘Tribe’ for the third time searching for a clincher that would soothe.

Here’s what jumped out…

“It’s uncomfortable to stand up in front of strangers. It’s uncomfortable to propose an idea that might fail. It’s uncomfortable to challenge the status quo. It’s uncomfortable to resist the urge to settle. When you identify the discomfort, you’ve found the place where a leader is needed.”

I think these are very wise words that will be my guide at 10:30 this morning. Today, that discomfort feels pretty much okay.

I hope you wish us luck.



6 thoughts on “I hope you wish us luck

  1. I always say to my friends and family that I am not a religious person but I am very much God conscious. So today’s meeting you got to be specific with the words you ask of God. My prayer point would be for God to give you the boldness, remove all fear if there are any and to put the right words when you are speaking.

    Sometimes we forget that we must let God take charge of our everything we do or say and I only want to suggest that you and your partners pray before going to the meeting.

    I don’t know you but from your tweets you I beliaved you get what it takes to be a winner.

    All the best.

  2. To shake the nerves, I usually say a little guardian angel prayer just before I begin a presentation…"Guardian Angel guide me in my thoughts and help me to put them into words for all to understand clearly." It’s simple but it helps ease the tension.
    I believe you are a very confident person and I know you would be successful in your delivery.
    Good luck!!!

  3. Just an update folks, the client whittled it down to one of two firms and we’re in! Phew.

    We are up against a top ad agency and we are to compete on the logo design alone. We are almost there but for m: it ain’t over, until it’s over.

    More good vibes needed still.

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