My five minutes with Robert Scoble

My five minutes with Robert Scoble

Social Media | Judette Coward-Puglisi

January 17, 2011

They say that every activity worth doing has a learning curve: riding a bike, learning to swim, figuring out social media … the first attempts are always challenging but fun. 

But I confess I suffered with  twitter fatigue in the latter part of last year. I was constantly switched on. I followed friends who I longed to see but checked their feeds instead. I followed strangers who I knew who would never  follow me. And I linked with the news feeds of all the major publications  just so I could be in the know.

But in November last year I jumped off the fast track for at least two months, and only dipped my toes gingerly back  into Twitter’s crowded waters  after the Christmas vacation. This time I was armed with  some new perspective.

“Welcome back,” my friend at Trinidad Lookbook tweeted, it’s  good to see you on again.”


“Oh , but I am only doing drip drip,” I replied, “don’t expect to see me on here too much, yearning for more face to face this year.”

But on Saturday night Robert Scoble reminded me why it is important to be plugged into the noise even if it is in fits and spurts. 

Scoble is best known for his blog, Scobleizer, which he started during his tenure as a technology evangelist at Microsoft.  He’s the guy to follow if you want to know about tech trends and news. So naturally I do. Over the past few months there has been quite a buzz in the digital space about Quora, but I couldn’t get past the wall that welcomed you. Turns out that visitors have to be invited to join and so  I tweeted Scoble, who I never met or corresponded with before.

Me: Hi Robert, I am interested in Quora but I need an invite. Can you send me one please?

Scoble:  What’s your email address (Scoble direct messaged me on Twitter)

Me: I can’t send it to you on direct message  because you don’t follow me, but I’m at

Scoble: I am following you now

Me: Great. Well then it’s

Scoble: I have invited you, have fun.

Me: I will, thanks so much

This happened all within 5  minutes but our short tweet up confirmed  five fundamental rules about Twitter.

1) There will always be a  riot of information racing you by on Twitter

2) You to decide whether to  amplify the noise, bring it close and immerse yourself in it. 

3) You can disconnect and connect again

4) It’s fine to connect those who don’t immediately connect with you

5) On Twitter you can gain meaningful insights and things that you really want, yes even from a person you’ve never met.