Personal Style Philosophy: Natalie Alcantara

Personal Style Philosophy: Natalie Alcantara

Forward Forty | Analise Kandasammy

March 25, 2015

When Forward Forty’s founder, Judette Coward, shared how she defined her personal style, it got our over 40 community buzzing. Women sent us their personal tips about how their style defines them and asked questions about transforming their wardrobes. This got the Forward Forty Team thinking. How awesome would it be to interview stylish women around the Caribbean on their personal style philosophy?

And we did just that.

This Woman Crush Wednesday (WCW) we interview the effervescent, uber creative Ms. Natalie Alcantara, Managing Director of ION Marketing Ltd. Analise Kandasammy,our Production Manager, caught up with Natalie to discuss her tricks for developing a personal style and how she incorporates her love for travel into her wardrobe.


Why is it important to create your own personal style

Creating your own personal style is definitely an expression of YOU – your favourite colours, textures, creativity, moods. When you create an expression of your personal style, you are actually creating a personal brand for yourself as well.

What are the three things in your closet that you could never, ever get rid of? 

OMG only 3! Okay well to be honest every year I do a ‘closet clean-up’ and here are a few items that no matter how old they are or if they fit or not – never really leave the fold!

  1. My Ralph Lauren Zippy Sweater – I bought it many moons ago for a trip to Memphis in the winter season. It was quite a splurge early in my career but I love the way it was both stylish and sporty. Just took it to NYC a couple weeks ago
  2. My Carolina Herrera signature scarf. Probably about 15+ years old but such a classic. A beautiful gift from a client in St. Martin. It’s super versatile and trés chic
  3. All of “World Cup Germany”  paraphernalia! (They have their own special storage container in the closet ). Why? Because every four years I bring out each team kit and relive the excitement!

What’s your personal ultimate fashion risk that you’ve learned to take and love?

Cropped ‘just before the ankle’ pencil pants. Now quite fashionable, but trust me  it wasn’t the case. I remember being teased about being in a flood. Once I was wearing these in the office (as part of a full pants suit ) and was told that “It’s against the dress code policy.” My response always,“ But this is just off the runway of Paris & Milan.”

How would you advise someone to begin to identify their fashion voice and signature style?

Your style must reflect you. I’m passionate and energetic about whatever I do and express this in the bright colours that punctuate my wardrobe: red, orange & yellow.  Don’t be generic and focus on what magazines and the media perpetuate as ‘in style’. Choose styles or trends that reflect your personality. Maybe try polka dots and stripes to show your fun light side. Moreso, make sure that your choices make you feel great. Explore what appeals to you in colour, cut, shape  and pattern and begin to introduce these elements into your wardrobe.

Where or from whom do you get your fashion inspiration from? 

I come from a family of 4 girls and a very stylish mummy, so we’ve being playing dress up since we were kids lol! Personally, I love the classic, sophisticated style of Jackie O and Audrey Hepburn era but also love the femininity of lace appliques on a Meiling piece. I’m inspired by artisan accessories that tell a story. Usually my story is of a trip or special place I’ve visited: beads from the Maasai tribe in Tanzania or handcrafted collectibles from around the world. They all serve as magnificent memoirs that keep my vibration positive.

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