Spice Up Your Work Wardrobe

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Spice Up Your Work Wardrobe

Forward Forty Videos | Judette Coward-Puglisi

March 6, 2015

No one ever said that you had to compromise style for professionalism. In this episode of Forward Forty we look at an alternative to the black suit.

At 40 plus, we believe you’ve earned the right to wear what you love and grow more beautiful as you age.

Be inspired.

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9 thoughts on “Spice Up Your Work Wardrobe

  1. I just love you, your style, and now this :). I am 41 and i feel the need to develop my style of comfort and fashion, i am a makeup artist and i want to have my own signature look. Thanks for giving me the push to do so. I look forward to more uplifting episodes 🙂

    • Everyone needs a push sometimes, even me. There are lots of posts on the internet about developing your signature style. Cut out the photos that you like from magazines, understand your body and have fun with the process. Thanks so much for your warm words Yolande. They lifted me up.


    • Thanks Wendy. Glad you’re here and hope you stick around for more content. We are posting every week.


  2. Live the dream, girl. Live the dream! Give me textured stockings, bright colours,
    natural curls and smoky eyes and I am happy!

  3. Hey Judette, Just saw the new series. You were fantastic!! I have always loved your bold, unorthodox style and its great of you to share it with the rest of us, along with tips to do for ourselves. Will definitely keep looking.

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