Sweet dreams are made of this

Sweet dreams are made of this

Personal | Judette Coward-Puglisi

October 21, 2010

Quick. What’s your dream? Can you state it clearly? Do you have your elevator speech about it prepared?

You should.

If you asked me what I wanted for my entrepreneurial start up 10 years ago. I would have stated my dream clearly.  I wanted this PR firm to be one of the best in the country, to be  in every executive’s head when they thought  of Public Relations and among the top three PR firms called for any bid at any time. If you asked me how I would achieve it, I would have given you a plan. One that sometimes worked, one whose writings I sometimes had to erase. A template that brought joy and one that was riddled with mistakes. But there it was nevertheless something with which to work.

On that work plan I:

  • Set up goals
  • Built the right relationships
  • Cut the wrong relationships
  • Pursued the right membership
  • Led with passion
  • Worked harder than most
  • Asked for help
  • Set high standards
  • Planned by outcomes
  • Read a lot
  • Served with joy

Ten years I can tick off the dream. Accomplished. Yet even as the firm has come a long way, it has still a long way to go. And so I dream on. But such is the power of  dreaming. It can take you places you expected to go and to spots you never dreamed of.  So whenever  I ask the question of anyone: "What’s your dream?" I expect them to tell me something  specific. Not funny. Not vague. Not unsure. I expect them to state something  big, something that seems illogical, something that has no limitations. The imagination should be allowed to be imaginative. That’s the purposes of dreaming, to imagine a possibility that is hardly conceivable in the first instance  and then… Well that’s the hard part, isn’t it?  The work that comes after.