To go in search of something bigger

To go in search of something bigger

Customer Services | Judette Coward-Puglisi

June 9, 2010

Our client, Rachel De Gale, of the Barbados Fertility Clinic called me just a couple of hours ago.

She was thrilled with an article that one of our senior writers, Kathyann, had produced and wanted to convey her excitement voice-to-voice. “An email,” she gushed, “would simply not have been enough to say how wonderful she thought the piece was.”

What remarkable words!

What a remarkable thing to do!

Not just because the phone call celebrated the excellence of one of our team members but because Rachel communicated her gratitude in such a personal way.

Of course I called over to Kathyann immediately. Of course she was delighted with the news. And of course I thought “this is what Mango Media Caribbean is all about; co-creating with a team of exceptional folks to have a PR practice that delights clients.

The object isn’t to be perfect. Kathy ann actually wrote the article in three hours. And Rachel’s goal wasn’t to hold back her praise until we created something beyond reproach. (There were some changes to be made in the piece ).

But here’s what is at the core of what we do day-in and day-out

Every day we try to be true to the firm’s birthright, to go in search of and deliver something bigger than our clients imagine.

To do anything else is such an awful waste.


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  1. Way to go Kathy!! ..yaaay..ummm Could this be the universe screaming at you to do what you love most in the world?? Write…

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