Turns out that timing is everything…

Turns out that timing is everything…

Social Media | Judette Coward-Puglisi

November 15, 2010

And yes, even with social media.  In this  post from Mashable, Adam Ostrow notes, “… 65% of Facebook users only access the site when they’re not at work or school — typically early morning or evening. 

Turns out  that morning brand posts are 39.7% more effective in terms of user engagement than those published in the afternoon.

Additionally, the top of the hour (:0 to :15 minutes) tend to see more interaction than other parts of the hour. The second half of the hour (:30 to :45 minutes) is the second most popular time for interaction. 

So tell me, what time are you posting? Please don’t say during business hours because if you are “you might be missing out on connecting with consumers during the times they’re likely to be online.”