Welcome to Forward Forty

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Welcome to Forward Forty

Forward Forty Videos | Judette Coward-Puglisi

February 27, 2015

Forward Forty is a lifestyle series-tailored for a social media age-celebrating the lives of women over forty everywhere.

From style, health and well-being, entrepreneurship, spirituality, creativity, and wellness – our series is devoted to helping you become more successful and beautiful as you age. Your best years are still ahead.

With new episodes every Friday, Forward Forty’s intent is to build a dynamic community of women over 40 who dare to dream.

Be inspired.


One thought on “Welcome to Forward Forty

  1. Judes, I LOVEEEEE ET!!!! Girl I could not believe it was done so quickly. Does a good job of whetting the appetite for the next episode. Self affirming. Looking forward to more.

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