Where one step further can take you; Simple PR. Massive Returns.

Where one step further can take you; Simple PR. Massive Returns.

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April 27, 2010

Giselle La Ronde-West, corporate communications manager at Angostura, stopped by my office last week to talk about her company’s massive PR coup on MSNBC’s The Rachel Maddow show. 

I had wondered how Giselle and  her colleague had scored the coveted spot on the talk show to discuss one of her company’s top sellers, Angostura Bitters, as it turns out, it was all about the phenomenal power of PR.

As Giselle tells it, she actually wasn’t in office when Maddows’ producers came calling to get feedback on the perceived shortage of Angostura Bitters. The prime-time, American talk show host apparently loves Bitters and does a regular cocktail segment. In any case, the producers wanted a quote which they got from an official company souurce, they said thank-you very much and that could have been the end of that.

 But Giselle who has her PR nose trained to smell opportunity as a dog does a cat,  followed up on the inquiry with an apology-for- my-absence phone call and a case of the ‘liquid gold’.

Days later, well, can’t you see how the picture tells the story. 

Giselle and her colleague gets 5 minutes of airtime on a show that  was named one of the top shows of the decade by The Washington Post in 2009 and whose star, Maddow,  was also named a “Breakout Star of 2008” by The Washington Post and  the Los Angeles Times.

” We only had five minutes but I wanted certain key messages to get across,” said Giselle :

1) Angostura Bitters  is made in Trinidad and Tobago

2) Angostura also produces some of the world’s  best rums 

Angostura Bitters is  still being produced but there was an issue with the bottles.

This interview was the result. You can call it mission accomplished, I’ll call   a massive win for a cash strapped company that all the liquid gold in the world couldn’t buy.



3 thoughts on “Where one step further can take you; Simple PR. Massive Returns.

  1. Great going! Kudos to Giselle for big-ing up Angostura Bitters and T&T!…and kudos to you for highlighting the story!

  2. You’re so right on that one Kathy ann. Patrick, thanks, the story was actually published in the Guardian, my angle though was from a PR perspective because it struck me that the interview had garnered an unprecedented amount of attention. Giselle tells me that they are still measuring the impact.

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