Yikes! You’re doing social media all wrong

Yikes! You’re doing social media all wrong

Social Media | Judette Coward-Puglisi

September 30, 2010

Over the past year we have seen an increase in the number of requests for social media campaigns. Most of them have centered around the need to establish a presence on facebook and twitter while some clients, but not many, have asked for integrated campaigns that link business objectives to tactics and results.

In the last 20 months or so we have learned a lot; we’ve also made our fair share of mistakes (thankfully with our own brand as a guinea pig). However, in promoting this always changing medium and laying the foundation for social media’s integration into the business process we have learned many important lessons worth sharing.

Please don’t go into the boardroom with the number of fans!

Business goals and objectives were around long before Twitter, Facebook and the likes and so your social media strategy has to link right back to that. Executives, I have found, care very little about the number of re-tweets, followers and fans. Okay maybe they get excited for about a minute but to really demonstrate value you’ve got to see how your tactics are driving sales, generating real behavourial changes, meeting the business goals.

Forget the silos. Integrate!

Please don’t hinge your marketing star onto social media. Sure Facebook ads cost a ‘penny’, Twitter is ‘free’ Flip makes creating You Tube videos easy and cheap., Four Squatre is fun. But you can’t just tack on social media to a traditional approach to move customer through the funnel and declare that have a strategy. An integrated cross channel experience is key, you must plan the objectives of each touch point and then focus on how they all work in tandem.

Not just for the interns!

It’s crazy to have one person doing social media and get occasional reports about the fan base. Sure assign a champion but social media will cut across your organisation and in many cases interactions started on social networks require internal collaboration to act upon. Brands and organisations need to formalise processes for responding, collecting insights and measuring, the responsibility is not for the new intern in the department.

Nurture your influencers!

Do you know who is influencing the purchase? Who is spreading your brand and word? You should be nurturing these relationships carefully after all they are the ones spreading your brand farther and faster to an even greater number of people than ever before.

Assign the value that social media deserves!

Digital marketing is part of an overall strategy that delivers a specific set of tactics to meet particular objectives. So how do you decide social media’s impact when (as in the case of a big sale of a product ) there are multiple touch points involved: ranging from viewing website, product demonstrations and on site meetings. When the initiation of the lead comes from a social channel how does it get “credit”. Creating an attribution model for social activity, is imperative before heading to the boardroom, how else to justify request for additional investments.


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  1. The longer companies take to adopt and create a lasting social media approach to their marketing efforts, the more ‘back" they will be left. Yes it’s tough for them to understand at first and showing the real value will be like speaking Chinese to Germans.. but they power is real. We’ve never been able to connect this socially with customers before.

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